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About Engineering in TeamSupport

Engineering at TeamSupport is a key driver of growth. The department charter is to redefine what is possible, and invent new technologies. We make a concerted effort to power everything that we produce by beautiful UI and immersive UX. Engineering is investing in three areas: Moonshots, Product R&D, and Tactical initiatives. We foster an environment that deeply cares and invests in engineers, promotes team-learning, and individual growth. If your career demonstrates growth from developer to business or systems analyst, and if you are excited about designing SaaS apps that are being used across the globe, then read on.

You will work across departments to solicit and write requirements, you will lead with Design Thinking, and work with our UI/UX experts on producing alternative concepts and detailed specifications. You are a professional who is guided by data and use it in systems analysis. You will articulate functional and nonfunctional requirements. You will be responsible for capacity planning. We seek responsible, self-guided, and internally motivated leaders who passionately care about building great products, and you will guide and partner with our engineers on building POCs and shipping these products. Products that are flexible, configurable, and adapt to our user workflows. Products that are so easy to use that they weave themselves into the day to day work of our users. If you want your voice to be heard and make a difference, then this is the place for you.

The kind of talent we are looking for:

Shows Ownership - This function is responsible for all aspects of requirements elicitation and writing, current state analysis, gap analysis, and future state. We expect you to care beyond the immediately visible, be responsible, and keep track of current and future ideas.

Is Inventive - Engineering wants people who show initiative and seek out responsibilities. We are planning to disrupt the B2B Customer Support industry, and Software Engineering is the vehicle to get there. If you are inventive and creative, we are looking for you. Fresh perspectives and thinking outside the realm of known possibilities will differentiate you.

Is Passionate - You must be passionate about how the product looks like, how it functions, and performs. We are looking for A-players with a desire to take ideas from ideation to the point that engineering can develop them.

Is Versatile - Engineering is involved in research, and tactical projects. We want teammates who are willing to take on the unexpected and be thrilled with the diversity of work we offer.



Required skills and responsibilitiesAdvantageous skills

The following past experience is going to be beneficial


Design Thinking certification is an advantage.


Send me your portfolio if you are serious about landing a job with Engineering at TeamSupport. I deeply care about people and would like you to be successful, so take the time to read this job description; It is descriptive for your benefit. I review all candidate portfolios and will make every effort to personally interview you.

Want to stand out? Tell me about something that you have built (a dog house or a website are equally good), research papers you’ve written, and source listing that you think is a piece of art (no trade secret whatsoever or I will completely ignore your application in whole). Apply and show me what you’re made of,

Rahav Dor

TeamSupport, CTO


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