Engineering Manager (Software Development Project Manager)

Dallas, Texas, United States


About Engineering in TeamSupport...

Engineering in TeamSupport is a key driver of growth. The department charter is to redefine

what is possible, and invent new technologies; powered by unbelievably easy to use UI. We are

responsible for the company's R&D, and we build interesting and flexible product in every cycle.

Engineering is investing in three areas: Moonshots, Product R&D, and Tactical initiatives. We

foster an environment that deeply cares and invests in engineers, promotes team-learning, and

individual growth.

If your career demonstrates growth from developer to designer, followed by leadership roles; and

if you are excited about shipping SaaS apps that are being used across the globe, then read on.

This role commands ownership of many responsibilities, superior communication skills, and

coordination with many. We continuously work towards pertinent and elegant stack, and it is a

complex endeavour; if this excites you your place may be with us. You will be responsible for

leading technical talent, work with Product group on requirements elicitation, perform analysis

and write specifications, plan and guide development of genuinely complex systems. If you want

your voice to be heard and make a difference, then this is the place for you.

The kind of talent we are looking for...

Shows Ownership This function is responsible for all aspects of engineering projects. We

expect you to care beyond the immediately visible, be responsible, and communicate. You will

need to satisfy your clients while making sure that engineering best practices are followed. The

role is analogous to a movie producer, it requires coordination with many, and an excellent

understanding of how software should be designed and developed. The results are beautiful and

rewarding, for you, many US customers & globally.

Is Inventive Engineering wants people who show initiative and seek out

responsibilities. We are planning to disrupt the B2B Customer Support industry, and Software

Engineering is the vehicle to get there. If you are inventive and creative, we are looking for you.

Fresh perspectives and thinking outside the realm of known possibilities will differentiate you.

Is Passionate You must be passionate about technology to be successful. We are

looking for A-players with desire to take projects from ideation to completion. Our stack is kept

modern, and this, by nature promises constant learning. It also promises fruitful ground for

interesting endeavors. You will be happy if you genuinely like technology at your core.

Is Versatile Engineering is involved in research, and tactical projects. The projects

you lead will require full-stack development, hosting, global support planning, and security.

They will invoke interesting bigdata questions, self-healing and clustered design, scalability

natural language search, and building ingenious machine-user interfaces for classical web and

mobile presence. We want teammates who are willing to take on the unexpected and be thrilled

with the diversity of managerial and leadership work we offer.



● You must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (CS) or Computer Engineering

(CE) from an accredited university.

● MS in operations, MBA, CS/CE or related technical fields is advantageous.

Required skills and responsibilities

You need to have been writing code for at least 7 years, and now, with at least 3 years of

project management under your wings. We do not expect you to code but you need to be able to

lead and mentor developers, hence the past experience. You will be required to understand

technical details and consider design alternatives. You are technical & a business leader of


● C# experience required.

●Superior communication, coordination, and ownership of assignments. Teamwork.

● Communicate well, before there is an issue, and often. Be honest and precise.

● Be the voice of the project, the customer, and product.

● Exceptional critical thinking skills. Perform analysis, write design documents, build

project plans, write release notes. Provide product enhancement materials to Marketing.

● Be on top of your game. Be honest and a humble team player.

● Pay attention to details. Include “Athena” in a creative way in your resume or cover letter.

● Manage software development cycles, release management, and implementations using

tools such as version control, documentation and collaboration (e.g. Confluence, Jira).

● Prepare detailed project plans and manage quality, scope, and schedule.

● Manage technical talent, understand their needs, and keep them motivated & engaged.

● Participate on software architecture sessions and arrive at design that meets our product

business goals. Document design decisions and alternatives in collaboration tools.

● Have an appreciation for technical and other project related documentation. You will be

chiefly accountable for this important component of our projects.

● Mentor and lead teams. Share your passion for software development and

state-of-the-art software engineering.

● Research new ideas, present alternatives and experimental results.

● Measure and publish KPIs. Initiate continuous improvement steps.

● Own your tasks, be able to take notes and follow through.

Advantageous skills

The following past experience is going to be beneficial.

● Using algorithms and data structures as part of software design.

● Working with asymptotic complexity analysis, excellent understanding of data modeling.

● Design of large-scale back-end, distributed systems, and modern web technologies.

● Java, Python, NodeJS, Relational and Document based DBMS, JavaScript


● Reporting and dash-boarding tools, ETL.

● Windows servers, Linux, OS scripting languages. Understanding of networks & security.


No certification is required for this position. There is no substitution to the education



Send me your portfolio if you are serious about landing a job in Engineering at TeamSupport.

I deeply care about people and would like you to be successful, so take the time to read this job

description. It is descriptive for your benefit. I review all candidate portfolios and will make every

effort to personally interview you.

Want to stand out? Tell me about something that you have built (a dog house or a website are

equally good), research papers you’ve written, and source listing that you think is a piece of art

(no trade secrets whatsoever, or I will completely ignore your application in whole). Apply and

show me what you’re made of,

Rahav Dor

TeamSupport, CTO


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