Senior Engineer (software development)

Dallas, Texas, United States · Engineering · DE 6.2018


What you bring to the table:
• Hands on, senior engineering level C# programming experience
• Willingness to learn new technologies (polyglot databases, machine learning, NLP, Search technologies, React and others)
• An ability to design (architect) software
• An ability to address complex problems with simple and elegant solutions
• Hands on experience with SQL, NoSQL, or Graph databases
• Solid understanding of modern web UI frameworks

  • Excellent communication skills Engineering in TeamSupport is a key driver of growth.
  • TeamSupport is looking for engineers who get excited by software development. Our SaaS software is used on a global scale and we would love to add your talent to our team. If you have experience in designing and developing elastic (horizontally scalable), clustered systems or modern web stack and you like to learn from your peers and teach them something as well, you'll fit in well with our team.

    What we offer:
    • A world class SaaS software that is rapidly capturing market share.
    • A team of humble and smart engineers with a desire to work with people smarter than us
    • An open mind for new ideas to make our customers' lives easier

    The department charter is to redefine what is possible, and invent new technologies;

    powered by unbelievably easy to use UI. We are responsible for the company's R&D and we build interesting and flexible product in every cycle. Engineering is investing in three areas: Moonshots, Product R&D, and Tactical initiatives. We foster an environment that deeply cares and invests in engineers, promotes team-learning, and individual growth.

    If you are passionate about full-stack development, working on advanced and elegant stack, and developing high-performance distributed systems, then read on. In engineering we listen and learn from each other and continuously work towards building immersive products that are already being used across the globe. This is a a complex engineering endeavor and if you would like to help design and build the systems that do that, if you want your voice to be heard and make a difference, we may have a place for you.

    The kind of talent we are looking for

    Is Inventive Engineering wants people who show initiatives and seek out

    responsibilities. We are planning to disrupt the B2B Customer Support industry and Software

    Engineering is the vehicle to get there. If you are inventive and creative, we are looking for you.

    Fresh perspectives and thinking outside the realm of known possibilities will differentiate you.

    Is Passionate You must be passionate about software development to be successful.

    We are looking for A-players with desire to take projects from ideation to completion. Our stack

    is kept modern, and by this nature promises constant learning. If you like puzzles, built a Linux

    server in the cloud just to see how it is done, have your own git account, built a website from

    scratch, contribute to stack overflow, or know how to speak Klingon -- your place is with us.

    Is Versatile Engineering is involved in research and tactical projects. You will learn

    and write in multiple languages and tools. The projects call for full-stack development, security

    and privacy considerations, and interesting big-data design. You will work on product features,

    fault-tolerant and self-healing, search, use graphs in interesting ways, and build ingenious

    machine-user interfaces for classical web and mobile presence. Our teammates rely on each

    other to deliver high quality artifacts, on time or earlier. We want teammates who seek novelty

    and be thrilled with the diversity of work TeamSupport offers.


    No certification is required for this position. There is no substitution to the education



    Send me your portfolio if you are serious about landing a job with Engineering at TeamSupport. I deeply care about people and would like you to be successful, so take the time to read this job description; It is descriptive for your benefit. I review all candidate portfolios and will make every effort to personally interview you. Want to stand out? Tell me about something that you have built (a dog house or a website are equally good), research papers you've written, and source listing that you think is a piece of art (no trade secret whatsoever or I will completely ignore your application in whole). Apply and show me what you're made of.

    Rahav Dor

    TeamSupport, CTO


    Dallas, TX

    Desired Skills and Experience:

    Job Details

    Seniority Level

    Mid-Senior level


    Employment Type


    Job Functions


    Desired Skills and Experience:


    ● You must have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (CS) or Computer Engineering

    (CE) from an accredited university.

    ● An advanced degree in CE or CE specialty is an advantageous.

    Required skills and responsibilities

    You need to have been writing code for at least 7 years, preferably in C#, .net or Java. During this time you garnered at least 2 years of modern web app development and 2 years of SQL, youare equally comfortable with backend or frontend development.

    ● Write software that meets its design and business goals. Understand design decisions,

    participate and contribute to design considerations. Write architecture documents.

    ● Write code and thoroughly test it. Provide a test suite that will become part of our CI/CD.

    ● Participate on software architecture sessions and arrive at design that meets our product

    and business goals. Document design decisions and alternatives in collaboration tools.

    ● Provide accurate estimates and rationale for assigned tasks.

    ● Exceptional critical thinking skills.

    ● Research new ideas, present alternatives and experimental results.

    ● Using algorithms and data structures as part of software design.

    ● Reason on asymptotic complexity. Design data models.

    ● Maintain in-code and out-of-code design thoughts and other documentation up to date,

    add value to maintainability, readability, and adherence to style.

    ● Write Linux and other OS scripts, perform basic network configuration.

    ● Solid communication, coordination, and ownership of assignments. Teamwork.

    Communicate well, before there is an issue, and often. Be honest and precise.

    ● Be on top of your game. Be honest and a humble team player.

    ● Pay attention to details. Include "Jupiter" in a creative way in your resume or cover letter.

    ● Own your tasks, be able to take notes and follow through.

    Advantageous skills

    The following past experience is going to be beneficial

    ● Design or development of large-scale distributed system with modern web app on top (React, AngulerJS, Javascript, TypeScript)

    ● Programming in Python, NodeJS, Javascript ecosystem, Spark, Scala, Ruby.

    ● Using Relational, Document, and Graph DBMS. Using Kafka.

    ● Experience with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    ● Developing using BI tools, reporting and dashboarding tools, ETL.

    ● Windows servers, Linux, OS scripting languages. Understanding of networks & security.


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