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SecOps Engineer

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About Engineering in TeamSupport

Engineering at TeamSupport is a key driver of growth. We foster an environment that deeply cares and invests in engineers, promotes team-learning, and individual growth. The department charter is to redefine what is possible and invent new technologies. Engineering/SecOps is responsible for selecting, designing, deploying, and maintaining world-class security and privacy, architect our systems to be Cloud native, AWS Well-Architected, automation and UI based administration, and production management of SaaS solutions that are used by our global customer base.

If you are passionate about Security + DevOps (SecOps), selecting and managing advanced and elegant stack, optimize and administer systems that are used across the globe then read on. SecOps is a central component in this engineering department. Security, automation, availability, reliability, high performance clustered systems that grow and shrink with demand, and self-healing systems are integral to our development cycles. These and many other interesting endeavors are going to be your mission. If you want to exercise your talent, and if you want your voice to be heard and make a difference, we may have a place for you. The kind of talent we are looking for:

is Inventive... Engineering hires talent who show initiative and seek out responsibilities. We are planning to disrupt the B2B Customer Management industry and Software Engineering is the vehicle to get there. If you are inventive and creative, we are looking for you. Fresh perspectives and thinking outside the realm of known possibilities will differentiate you.

is Passionate... You must be passionate about SecOps to be successful. Designing, building, and maintaining a global operation is not an easy endeavor. And then there are R&D projects. We are looking for A-players with desire to take projects from ideation to completion. Our stack is kept modern, and by this nature promises constant learning. Many of our customers businesses are dependent on our systems and we are looking for responsible professionals that care about our mission.

is Versatile... Engineering is involved in research and production support projects. You will be responsible for SecOps considerations as an integral part of our systems architecture, design for security, and interesting distributing systems challenges. You will work on infrastructure templating, automation, CI/CD, fault-tolerant and self-healing, and BC/DR. If you like diverse and interesting technologies TeamSupport Engineering is the place for you.


Send me your portfolio if you are serious about landing a job with Engineering at TeamSupport. I deeply care about people and would like you to be successful, so take the time to read this job description; It is descriptive for your benefit. I review all candidate portfolios and will make every effort to personally interview you.

Want to stand out? Tell me about something that you have built (a dog house or a website are equally good), research papers you’ve written, and source listing that you think is a piece of art (no trade secret whatsoever or I will completely ignore your application in whole). Apply and show me what you’re made of,

Rahav Dor

TeamSupport, CTO


You have at least 3 years experience in installing, configuring, administering, and managing systems on AWS. In particular Windows and Linux servers on AWS. You must have experience with the AWS well-architected paradigm. You must be up to date with best practices in securing OS, networks, data, and applications. You have experience installing, configuring, and monitoring security appliances and software. You know how to configure email and other middleware. You are an expert in identity management, access control, threat and vulnerability management. You are a wizard at writing shell scripts, and have hands-on experience with running and upgrading highly available SaaS systems and their enabling infra. You see testing and quality as an integral part of your responsibility.


Advantageous skills

The following past experience is going to be beneficial


Obtaining at least one of the following or demonstrating the passion and path towards such certification is required. The certs need to be up to date, in good standing, and earned from recognized vendor-neutral sources such as ISC2, ISACA, or EC-Council.

One or more of the following are going to be required (obtained or on the path)


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